How did a restaurant handle a negative review...

Extremely unhappy because, as he initially claimed, a client left no tip, the owner of Boners BBQ in Atlanta decided to punish the customer by making vulgar posts on Facebook and Twitter.

It all started when Stephanie S and her husband went to celebrate his birthday at their nearby restaurant, for which they could use a $ 10 voucher.


Returning home, she had the "unfortunate" inspiration to write a negative review on Yelp, as she was not happy. However, as she later claimed, she left two $20 banknotes to pay the $30 bill (40 minus the coupon), leaving a $10 tip.

Just a day later, posts on social media appeared, with her photo, which insulted her (NOT WANTED !, "" Stephanie S. left waitress 0.00 tip on a $40 tab after she received a discount. If you see this woman in your restaurant tell her to go outside and hide and go f- yourself! Yelp that b--… ") because, even though she had a coupon, she left a $0.00 tip (although that was probably the pretext).

These posts, which were later removed (although the damage had already been done), provoked negative reactions from users, who wondered how a business owner could treat a customer like that.

Later, the restaurant owner came out and apologized, attributing the incident to the "bad moment"…

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